Rainy Day Activities For You And The Kids

10 June 2016
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog


If you're like most parents, during the summer you encourage your kids to be outdoors soaking up the sun as long as they can. However, it is natural that it will rain sometimes. It can be a challenge to figure out what to do in the rain that doesn't include computers, television or videogames. Don't worry; use the following suggestions for fun things you can do when it's raining outside.

Complete a Puzzle

Puzzles have been popular for years and for good reason. They are an activity that can be done quietly if you need a break from chatter, and they are challenging enough to keep even older children occupied. Puzzles for sale can be found inexpensively in stores, which means that you can pick up a few extra and always offer the kids a choice of puzzles to complete. If you've got extra puzzles in the house, you can also feel confident that even if a child finishes a puzzle, there is a new one to try.

If you want to do a puzzle with the children, you can investigate the newer 3-D puzzles that are being made. Many of them feature historical places, which can lead to conversations about different historical topics.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

You can keep the kids busy if you send them on a search for clues in a scavenger hunt. Write up a small number of clue cards for each child, and while the kids are doing their puzzles or another activity, go and hide the things they are supposed to find around the house. 

For even more fun, you can turn your scavenger hunt into a treasure hunt and allow the kids to make up their own pirate costumes. Instead of random items, the kids' clues can lead to chocolates and other goodies.

Create a Story

An easy thing to do when it's raining outside is to lay around and watch movies. Even more fun might be coming up with a story that is all your own. Start a story with a sentence that starts with "Once upon a time...." and let everyone take a turn adding to the narrative. You might be surprised at the twists and turns the story takes.

If you want to get really creative, you can jot down notes about the story as it is created and work together to make a play based on the story. You can present the play for a working parent, grandparents or other loved ones.

With all the activities in this article, you and the kids might not mind so much when it rains in the summer. Be sure to talk to other parents to find out about even more fun things you can do.