Tips For Storing Your E-Liquids

21 February 2019
 Categories: Smoking, Blog

If you're into vaping, you might have a nice collection of e-liquids on hand, especially if you purchase a Candy Pack E Juice Bundle. If you want to store them the right way, remember these tips. Keep Them in Their Original Containers First of all, in general, it's best to store your e-liquids in their original containers. The companies that make and sell these products typically use bottles or other containers that will help e-liquids maintain their freshness. Read More 

Rainy Day Activities For You And The Kids

10 June 2016
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

If you're like most parents, during the summer you encourage your kids to be outdoors soaking up the sun as long as they can. However, it is natural that it will rain sometimes. It can be a challenge to figure out what to do in the rain that doesn't include computers, television or videogames. Don't worry; use the following suggestions for fun things you can do when it's raining outside. Read More